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AIT Consultancy uses unbiased third-parties to gather actionable data.

Thanks for visiting AIT Consultancy Services. I know you are interested to know more about us. So here is the short story about AIT Consultancy and our aim.

We pride ourselves to provide counselling to achieve goal of a career as well as business growth immediate and long term business objectives for our clients.

AIT Consultancy as a team is working to explore the career opportunities of individual student, schools, colleges and universities. We believe that there is no much difference between rural and urban area’s student. Only difference is the lack of awareness of career. Every student has rights to get information about all career opportunities in science, arts and commerce.  We help student to select and decide their goal which is best suitable to him/her hobby and interests.

AIT Consultancy works with all sizes and shapes of businesses and individuals throughout the World. We integrate, implement, and support systems that deliver operational efficiencies to local and global enterprises. We provide outsourced software development and support services on a turnkey or time and material basis. AIT Consultancy has experienced team members who work in Hospitals, Retail, Manufacture, Colleges, Organizations and many other sectors with top corporate clients. Our mission is to achieve the client’s requirements with implementing best suitable website and software.


We evaluate your call center on best practices and recommend improvements.


We base our industry benchmark reports on thousands of consumer surveys.

COMPREHENSIVE Career consultant & dream planer

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